About Us

Samantha Taylor. Fragrance Specialist


Yeah Nah is a candle range created by me, Samantha Taylor. I am a Fragrance and Beauty Specialist and my job is creating and smelling amazing fragrances and beauty products for clients in Australia and all over the world. My main business is The Powder Room and I have worked in the luxury space in the perfume and beauty industry for nearly 30 years, helping brands conceptualise, create and launch beauty products and tell their fragrance stories around the world. My work is not just a job, but a lifelong obsession with all things perfume and beauty.

I love what I do, however sometimes I find the industry I work in a bit too serious. That's why I created Yeah, Nah. I wanted a candle that was a bit fun, but smelled amazing. A brand that looked stylish and monochromatic but doesn't take itself too seriously. Yeah Nah Candles are the luxury quality products that I create for my clients, but with a bit of classic Aussie humour thrown in. Is there a more Aussie saying than 'Yeah, nah'? I'll wait.


There are currently three ranges, Aussie AF,  Four Letters, and Paggro, with a bespoke candle offering as well.

The Aussie AF Candles are phrases we have been saying for years, they baffle visitors, and when we visit other countries, half the time they have no idea what we are saying. When I lived in London working for artisan perfume houses, I used to love dropping an Aussie-ism in meetings, I would thoroughly enjoy the blank stares directed at me. Even more enjoyable was when that same saying was delivered back to me at a later date in a cut glass British accent.  


Four Letter Candles are for when you when you want to keep it simple. After all, Aussies are known for our quick delivery of four letter words. If you have Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent, then you might like this range.

Paggro Candles are the meaning behind the polite office conversation, what we really wish we could say to our colleagues without receiving a talking to from HR.  Don't stab your colleague with a pencil, or piff your phone at their head, just give them an offensive candle. Passive aggressive? Us? Never. 

Our fragrances are made by leading perfume houses, they are complex and made like artisan perfumes with top, mid and base notes, the same as the perfumes The Powder Room creates for our clients. No lolly, burnt caramel or one dimensional scents here. We use a high quality, innovative olive oil candle wax, with cotton wicks and they are all hand poured in our studio in the iconic The Nicholas Building in the Melbourne CBD.


Yeah Nah started as a bit of a joke, and has now turned into a flourishing brand. We have just undergone a rebranding and packaging exercise after one year of being in business and I am thrilled to share our new look with you. 


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy our irreverent candles.


Smell ya later!



You can find out about my other work for The Powder Room here


If you would like to try a luxury hand sanitiser, well, I make those too. www.haveanicedaygoods.co


Aaaand, an antichafing stick made from Australian Botanicals called Skymcare. I created this with a friend as she couldn't find a stylish, Australian made antichafing solution.